Donald Trump was, for some reason, nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, but investigations are looking into this act as being potentially fraudulent. 

The committee announced that someone appeared to have forged a Trump nomination, according to the New York Times. The alleged nomination is said to have been submitted in support of Trump's "ideology of peace by force." Nobel Institute Director Olav Njølstad stated, "I can say that we have good reason to believe that [Trump’s nomination] is a fake." Njølstad said that the Nobel Peace Prize awarding committee has been investigating the fraudulent nomination.

The institute also filed an official report with the Norwegian police, reports The HillInspector Rune Skjold, head of Oslo police's ​economic crimes section, said that investigators have been in contact with the FBI, meaning the forged nomination could've come from the States.

The process for submitting nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize is extremely confidential, and only a few groups of individuals are eligible for nominating candidates for the award. Members of parliament or government, former laureates, national ministers, and select university professors are pretty much the only people with the power to submit nominations. The Peace Prize committee is sworn to keep the nominees secret for 50 years. Although the process seems pretty airtight, secretary Olav Njolstad said that another forged nomination for Trump apparently popped up last year as well, according to the New York Times.

Former President Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize almost a year into his first term, but unfortunately for Trump, it looks like he won't be nabbing the prestigious award just yet—or ever.