To all of those craving the irresistible look and feel of the popular Tide Pod - your meme-inspired prayers have been answered.

Over the last month, memes have been circulating about the temptation people feel to eat Tide Pods. Thankfully, we haven't heard about anyone actually ingesting them on purpose (the consequences of doing so could be deadly), but the jokes were enough for Tide to issue a statement warning consumers not to snack on the cleaning product. The snack food Gushers was even hit up by their Twitter followers about creating a replica of the concentrated laundry pack (they hilariously declined).

But Tide Pod cravers can retire their search for an edible version, because thanks to the power of social media a recipe now exists. After tons of Reddit threads devoted to finding the right ingredients to make it happen, a recipe was shared this week on Twitter, via Tumblr, that showed how one could make a dessert resembling a Tide Pod. The “Hypothetical edible tide pods recipe” consists of a blue swirl, an orange swirl, white gel, and a plastic shell, all created with gelatin.

The recipe was developed by a Tumblr user named “sometimessmarmy,” and the person's lengthy step-by-step recipe allows you to make what can only be the best dessert of your life with the help of brownie pans and parchment paper (though it certainly wouldn't hurt if you could find some swirl molds to really nail the detergent look.) The real magic happens towards the end of the recipe when you must, "use a lighter, torch, or hair dryer" to fuse all components together in one neatly composed square pack.

BREAKING: Someone on Tumblr has come up with an edible tide pod recipe

— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) January 9, 2018

If the labor and patience this recipe calls for is at your disposable, you've hypothetically got yourself an non-hazardous Tide Pod to snack on. Unfortunately, there's no actual evidence that this recipe is 100% fail proof, since the Tumblr user hasn't tested the recipe himself.  “I haven’t done this so if something is off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Well, there you have it folks.

But seriously, you probably shouldn't be consuming this stuff.