As we hit the one year mark of Trump's four-year term as President of the United States, it's hard to not look back at what we lost (namely, the icon known as Barack Obama) and the burden we've gained in our Cheeto-hued POTUS Trump. And while it's easy to see the differences between the two (for example, one is a caring, compassionate man and an eloquent speaker, and the other is Trump), the contrast between these American leaders is most evident on Twitter. Despite the official @POTUS account having almost 22 million followers, Trump would much rather fire off fuckery every morning via his @realDonaldTrump account, which is sitting at almost 47 million(!) followers.

It'd be dope if Trump exercised some tact while tweeting, or, at the very least, didn't sound like an upset baby whenever someone talked shit, failed to vote the way he wanted or kneeled during the playing of the National Anthem. Trump's vitriol is very un-presidential, and while his supporters rejoiced in the idea that his win meant that they elected a man who could truly shake up the current political system, dude's got us out here looking ridiculous on the regular.

We know how it works, though: you can't just SAY that Trump's tweets make him look insane compared to Obama's. You have to SHOW the people exactly how his antics have him (and, as a result, the United States) looking foolish. So, why don't we do just that?

The first instance isn't so obvious. During Thanksgiving, both Trump and Obama took to Twitter to share their feels about the holiday. Trump dropped an almost four-minute video, which he begins by saying "Melania and I would like to wish you a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving." Melania was nowhere to be seen during the clip, which covered everything from Americans rejoicing to members of the Armed Forces who wouldn't be home for the holidays. Trump's lack of emotion managed to make all of his words feel hollow and inauthentic.

Now take Obama's 2017 Thanksgiving tweet, which was simple and to the point. A picture of Barack, his wife Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha was paired with a short, sweet, and to the point caption: "From the Obama family to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of joy and gratitude."

That Obama can show more compassion in a still image than Trump did in a video shouldn't be surprising.

About a month later, on New Year's Eve, we get to see the hate in Trump's heart on full display. During a time where people are coming together, singing songs that speak to drinking with friends and letting go of "days gone by," Trump's busy throwing shade to "enemies, haters, and even the very dishonest Fake News Media."

That mirrored his 2016 NYE tweet, where he again called out his "enemies."

Compare that to Obama's NYE 2017 tweet, which spoke to reflecting and preparing for 2018. Obama made sure to point out that, even though there's been a LOT of bad news in 2017, "there are countless stories from this year that remind us what's best about America."

Obama then went on threading stories of inspiration! And that's the key—Trump's Twitter reveals that he is far more concerned with throwing shots at his enemies than being a positive influence on people. He said so himself on December 30, 2017.

The problem is, even if Trump claims his Twitter usage is "modern day presidential," Obama's owning him on the social platform. While Obama tweets his long-standing message of hope, Trump's tirades are fueled by hate. Trump won the presidency with the help of Russia by tweeting to those who felt neglected in the years that Obama was in office. While that fire and brimstone performance may have won him an election, his continued use (abuse?) of the platform doesn't feel presidential at all.