Ever feel like someone is, well…watching you on social media? I’m not talking about the NSA or your ex coming back to haunt you with likes and retweets. I’m talking about ghosts of the literal kind. You know, dead people. That's precisely what appears to have happened to NYC based illustrator Adam Ellis. For those of you who don’t follow Ellis on Twitter, the Manhattanite has been chronicling his experience with the ghost he calls “Dear David,” who has been haunting his apartment. If you thought the President’s tweets were enough to keep you up at night, this shit might just be too much.

Especially now, as the Dear David saga has officially gone from creepy to creepier. As it turns out, the ghost isn’t haunting Ellis’ NYC apartment, but Ellis himself. Ahhhhhh! Ellis recently traveled to Montana, where he says Dear David followed him to pay a visit. After Ellis’ return, he took to Twitter to report it appeared as though Dear David had grown tired of haunting him, and things had returned more or less back to normal. Phew. Maybe Dear David got stuck at JFK during Grayson and decided enough was enough.


But Ellis was wrong. The illustrator went to brunch one Saturday with a friends, and it would appear Dear David is as much a fan of eggs and bottomless mimosas as your average living person. After posting a selfie from his meal to his Instagram story, Ellis received a slew of notifications that something was definitely amiss with the photo, which can be seen below.

After initially stating he had no idea how the glitch happened, he realized he knew exactly who was to blame: Dear David. Cue: scary organ music. Maybe send him an invite next time.