Did the President go to the dentist this morning?

During his landmark speech today announcing his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump sounded a little off, and we’re not just talking the usual. Literally, he seemed to have trouble speaking.

It seems as though the President has developed a lisp overnight, making him sound a lot more like Donald Duck than Donald Trump. His slurred speech is now the only thing that’s more distracting than his hair and radioactive orange tan.

“Unite-ah Shates,” he said at one point. Um...OK, then.

So did Trump stroke out or something? The Internet is rife with theories. Some speculate the most likely explanation is that the President wears a retainer or dentures. Twitter has other ideas, though, including Trump being medicated. Dare to dream, guys.

And then of course, there’s this poignant clapback.

Preach, @ignu. Preach