Summer is an incredibly invigorating time when most of us feel at our healthiest. As we bid farewell to Summer 2017, we likely find ourselves craving the chance to hold onto those healthy and happy sensations. If you’re one of those people who thinks being active is a gift, not a chore, ASOS and adidas invite you to take part in Power Week 2017—a unique, new collaborative program that combines entertainment and fitness in fun and exciting ways, and which kicks off in NYC next Tuesday, September 19.

Both ASOS and adidas have a firm belief that everyone has the power to get active and stay active, no matter their motives, goals, or physical abilities. And anyone who’s serious about fitness knows that workouts—like most things in life—require some variety in order to keep us engaged. Who wants to keep doing the exact same session over and over again anyway?

Each day of Power Week will feature a different type of workout that is designed to achieve next-level results, both physically and mentally, and will also have a specific focus on mind & body, empowerment, and freedom, respectively. Each day will additionally feature some truly inspirational moments and super special guests. Plus, ASOS and adidas are definitely going to make it worth your while to stick around all the way to the end of each one (hint, hint).

A few examples from the Power Week workout schedule include:

DAY 1 – September 19:
Power Week kicks things off right with yoga in the dark, led by Riva G. ASOS and adidas will be supplying glow paints and other fun giveaways to help you find your glowing flow in a whole new way!

DAY 2 – September 20:
The second day takes things to the next level with some “boxing to a beat.” This boxercise-style class, led by Erica Hammond, will feature a live DJ set from Brittany Sky to help get you moving to the rhythm and challenge your body like never before. Put up ya dukes!

DAY 3 – September 21:
Day three features a chance to power up in the ultimate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session, led by Elise Young. This class also has a bit of a twist, as it will blend hip-hop dance with some pulse pounding movements.

Registration for ASOS x adidas’ Power Week is already officially closed, but you can learn more about all the good stuff ASOS and adidas have in store for you, your mind, and your body, by heading over to now.