So, check it outtwo nuns walk into a bank, demand money from the teller while brandishing a handgun, and leave without taking a single dime. It may sound like a terrible joke with no punchline, but this is an actual story from something that happened in real life. 

Police say two women dressed in the black nun’s habit and veil walked into a Citizens Bank near Tannersville, Pennsylvania on Monday shortly after noon. One of the robbers approached a teller with a black firearm in her hand and demanded money, while the other woman was sporting sunglasses. Sometimes you just can't make this stuff up. 

According to WNEP, the less-than-dynamic duo fled the scene after a teller activated the automatic alarm. The nuns ran like holy hell out of the bank with approximately zero dollars. There's no word on whether the two women left in a vehicle or on foot. 

The FBI has since taken over the investigation, and released some photos on Twitter of the nuns in action from the bank's surveillance system.

With the authorities hot on their tail, these two women may want to remain incognito by joining an actual convent, preferably in a dilapidated neighborhood, and—hear me out—try improving their music program. The only downside to this completely original idea is that the choir may garner attention from the local media and tip off the FBI as to their whereabouts. You know what, this is a terrible idea. Something this crazy would only happen in a movie.