It's been a minute since we've had a good #Bae story. Earlier this year, we got #HurtBae, #StrandedBae, #BootBae and #UberBae, damn near back to back. Thankfully, the Twitter gods are still looking out for us. On Monday evening, a woman named Lisette Pylant began live-tweeting a story that went from an IRL nightmare to a viral social media dream. As most of these tales do, it all started with a date. Simple enough, right?

Uh oh. A birthday date? That's kinda brave, Lisette. But OK... do you, boo. She continues:

In an interview with Select All, Lisette said the date told her he had friends meeting him at the same bar soon. Meaning, their date would get cut short. In a normal world, this wouldn't be a big deal. But this is not a normal world. This is Earth. And men can be dastardly creative. As such, Lisette quickly picked up on the fact that her date in fact had another woman lined up after her.

But then. But fucking then.

Lisette thought that was the end. Alas, it was not.

I'd be lying if I said my heart wasn't smiling right now. The saga continues:

Just when I thought this dude couldn't exude more fumes of douchebaggery, he outdoes himself.

In a beautiful, but still WTF conclusion, Lisette revealed that the total number of dates for this dude racked up to six in the end.

So where do these ladies go from here? Lisette told Select All, “We’re making a ‘Sister Wives’ group chat and taking selfies and planning a brunch. We’re gonna watch John Tucker Must Die.” An absolutely fitting ending, if there ever was one.

So what should this #Bae story be called? #ManyDateBae? #CaptainSaveABae? #SixForOneBae?