The quickest way to ensure you feel like absolute shit for the rest of the day is to read about billionaires over your morning coffee. Specifically, a morning peek at Forbes' global billionaire ranking is just the pick-me-up you'll need to power through nine hours of work while slowly questioning the very concept of money itself.

But for now, let's forget about us normals and instead focus on the needs of these billionaires. Imagine how shitty it must feel to be toppled from the top spot on Forbes' list after practically making it your home. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is likely feeling that anguish right this moment, as he's just been replaced at No. 1 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

At the time of this writing, Bezos' net worth stands at $90.6 billion. Gates, meanwhile, has fallen to No. 2 with a meager $90.1 billion.

Thanks to Amazon, Bezos has added tens of billions to his net worth over the past year. Amazon shares have surged more than 40 percent during that period, the New York Times reported. The shares, almost 81 million of which are held by Bezos, traded at roughly $1,063 as of Thursday.

Bezos also made his Instagram debut earlier this month to tout his commercial space company Blue Origin. The clip gives a drone-shot look at Blue Origin's Florida-based launch facility, then ends with the understated image of a sunglasses-clad Bezos stranded on the roof with a handwritten sign reading "ROCKET FACTORY COMING SOON."

So yeah, Bezos had a very billionaire-y Instagram debut. Your move, Gates.