Earlier this May, a factory in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan was raided after they were found to be making and shipping out cans of counterfeit Budweiser. Since then, clips of just what exactly the hell they were doing in this filthy factory have gone viral, and it will truly make your stomach churn (that is, if you've recently had a counterfeit Bud in China. The rest of you can remain undisturbed).

The footage shows a textbook way to give people food poisoning, as workers at the factory dumped their bare hands in buckets of beer to fill the cans before sealing them shut on a dirty ass conveyor belt. According to Mashable, local authorities estimated that the workers were sending out roughly 600,000 cartons of knock-off beer per month, though it's not clear just how many months they were pulling this little scam off.

The Shanghaiist adds that the bootlegged booze was then sent off to nearby nightclubs and bars. As if getting busted by the authorities wasn't bad enough, Budweiser reps are reportedly seeking to take legal action against those uncertified brewmasters. Just a hunch, but they probably have deeper pockets to fight this in court than the counterfeiters.

Budweiser currently stands as the third biggest brewer in China, with a total of 14 breweries in *tries to think of a well-known nickname for China before saying fuck it* the country.

Lesson learned: don't buy rip-off merchandise. Regulations exist for a reason. Also, for the future, it might be easier to keep food and drink down if you didn't show us where it came from—even in places that are legit.