An unfortunate aspect of the cannabis industry is that due to lingering federal laws and constantly evolving local ones, if you work with weed, you'll likely need a lawyer at some point. That’s where Rachel Gillette comes in; an attorney who has been working with the regulated cannabis industry since 2010. Her areas of practice include corporate licensing compliance, tax law for marijuana businesses, and pretty much anything related to the operations of cannabis businesses regulated by the state of Colorado.

“I’ve always been an advocate for the legalization of marijuana,” says Gillette. “So in 2010, when I saw the state of Colorado was going to be regulating, being the first state in the nation to do so, I decided to quit my job and to start my own practice which focused on the representation of these newly-formed business enterprises.” At the time, Gillette was taking a major risk since few larger firms were ready to take on cannabis clients. However, Gillette’s instincts and boldness paid off and she staked her claim in what is now a booming industry.

Gillette says her favorite part the job is that marijuana law is constantly evolving “We’re doing something that has never been done before, so there’s a lot of opportunities to blaze the trail, so to speak, no pun intended,” she explains. Not to mention, working to help victims of America’s War On Drugs: “We’ve had 40 years of a failed drug war, our fathers, our brothers, our children are incarcerated at alarming rates unfortunately for minority populations, and disproportional rates for minority populations, and as women, we shouldn’t stand for that anymore.”