Mary Jane (and yes, that is her real name) is the Culture Editor for High Times, the iconic cannabis publication founded in 1974. Gibson oversees the entertainment, lifestyle, and reviews sections of the magazine, as well as contributing feature articles and interviews. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, Gibson moved to the U.S. in 2000.

“I had no idea that a job in the cannabis industry was a possibility,” she tells Complex, but soon after moving to New York City in 2004, she began freelancing for the magazine and moved her way up to become one of its most distinct voices. “I've learned so much more about cannabis since then,” says Gibson, “from industry experts, from my own enjoyable research, and from spending days on end at Cannabis Cups and other industry events.”

Currently residing in Los Angeles, where she moved last summer to help open the publication's West Coast office, Gibson says, “It's a thrilling time for the cannabis industry, but it's also a time in which people who have zero connection to cannabis are suddenly interested in turning a profit. I've met several people in positions of power at cannabis companies who don't smoke pot—they don't use it medicinally or recreationally, and in fact, they're not particularly interested in what it does. They're interested in making money. That's the nature of capitalism, of course—but we need to continue to listen to the people who smoke weed.” Hear, hear.

Gibson’s advice to young women looking to break into the industry is to “Learn everything you can by getting involved with a local collective or organization. Be informed, and be on time. Be better prepared than everyone else, work your ass off, and be kind to those around you. Honor those who have gone before you, and teach those who come after you. And kick some serious ass.”