It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Uber. First, the ride sharing company came under fire for its questionable actions on the first weekend of Donald Trump’s immigration ban, and for CEO Travis Kalanick’s role on the president’s economic advisory board. Now, Uber is being sued by a man claiming a bug in the app’s software is responsible for wrecking his marriage.

According to France’s Le Figaro newspaper, the man is seeking $47 million in damages after his wife caught on that he was having an affair as the result of notifications she was receiving on her phone about his various Uber trips. The man claims that he had used his wife’s phone to call Ubers in the past, but that he had logged off of the account. He claims that she continued to receive notifications despite the fact that he had logged off, something he says occurred because of “a bug in an application.”

Le Figaro said that Uber users using the app on any iOS older than the 2015 version might be susceptible to the same glitch. When reached for comment, an Uber spokesperson told the paper that the company “doesn’t publicly comment on individual cases, and especially those which concern things such as a divorce procedure.”

Last December, Uber employees were accused of using the company’s “God View” to track the movements of high profile celebrity users, which would be in violation of both federal and state privacy laws. This latest incident is further proof that Uber’s privacy woes aren’t going away anytime soon.