A New York mother who reviews children’s products online claims she received a package from a California-based toy company that contained 7 pounds of marijuana. For the non-smokers among us, that's a lot of weed.

"I was able to smell it,” Pamela Marks told ABC affiliate KABC-TV. “I knew something was up right away.”

Rather than consider it a blessing, the mom quickly alerted the authorities. KABC reports law enforcement has confiscated the marijuana and are now investigating matter.

“I think I've opened probably about 3,500 packages,” she said. "So one out of every 3,500 should be something strange, I guess.”

Marks, who operates a blog about kid’s clothes and toys, said the package came from a Santa Monica toy company called JAKKS Pacific. Representatives from the company have announced they, too, are investigating the incident.

"The Company is taking this very seriously, and we are conducting an investigation to determine the facts behind this matter," a statement read.

This isn't the first time an unsuspecting person received weed in the mail. Back in 2014, a woman in Washington, D.C., got a package that contained over 9 pounds of marijuana. She, too, reported the package to police. Delmario Henry, 24, was later arrested in connection with the case, and faced two drug-related charges.