Over the past few years, states like California have blazed new trails with their lenient laws on marijuana use. That was particularly evident on Friday (Oct. 21), when Wiz Khalifa made headlines by cavalierly offering handfuls of Khalifa Kush—a new marijuana strain endorsed by the rapper—to West Hollywood paparazzi posted up outside a restaurant. With the election merely days away, Wiz may soon be able to perform similar acts of charity in Las Vegas as well, without fear of breaking the law.

This November, Nevadaalong with four other stateswill vote to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It’s currently legalized for medicinal use in the state, but if this referendum passes, Nevada will join just four other states (Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Washington), along with the District of Columbia, where marijuana can be enjoyed recreationally without penalty. Tourists and convention-goers already descend upon Nevada to indulge in some of the state’s other freedoms, namely gambling and prostitution, and they may soon be able to add smoking weed to that list.

Highly anticipating the vote is Matthew Morgan, founder of Tryke Companies, which does business in Las Vegas as Reef Dispensaries, one of the country’s largest marijuana growth and distribution facilities. Located next door to the Spearmint Rhino gentleman’s club, the 165,000 square foot compound is larger than a Costco or Sam’s Club, showcasing an incredibly streamlined operation that includes the cultivation, production, extraction, and sale of marijuana products. Uniquely, in Nevada, there is not a limit to how many marijuana plants can be housed under one roof, so Reef is one of the few establishments in the country where all of these processes happen at the same location.

Tryke also happens to be the exclusive manufacturer of the news-making Khalifa Kush, a strain of ganja also known as K.K, which caused a bit of a stir at the top of the year when Wiz name-dropped it on Twitter.​

“Hit this kk and become yourself," the Pittsburgh rapper tweeted, accidentally firing the first shot in a heated 24-hour beef with Kanye West, who assumed Wiz was talking about his wife, Kim Kardashian. After the dust settled, it was made clear that Wiz was only promoting his brand. Still, he couldn’t have asked for better publicity.