One New York woman has taken it upon herself to create a registry for America’s most dangerous population: white men. While president-elect Donald Trump and his followers have advocated for a registry of Muslims living in the U.S., Candace Thompson points out that in the U.S. “57% of reported rapes and 64% of mass shootings were committed by white men. 45% of all serial killers are white men.”

To help “keep tabs” on where these potentially dangerous men are in our communities, Thompson has created “The White Male Registry,” a Google Doc where white men are asked to submit their information in order to “help identify just how much of a threat to American security any individual white male may pose to the general public.”

By registering, white men are asked to share their basic personal information and given questions about derogatory comments they may have made about marginalized groups and whether or not they own a firearm.

The registry highlights the flawed thinking behind Trump’s proposed Muslim registry, and shows that it’s not only racist, it ignores real violence happening in the U.S.

On, a site built for the registry, Thompson writes, “According to a Newsweek article from earlier this year, Right Wing Extremists pose a greater threat to national security than ISIS, and in the past week alone The Southern Poverty Law Center has registered over 400 reports of hate crimes enacted in the name of the nationalist, racist, and sexist campaign rhetoric espoused by Donald J Trump.”

She says that the white men of America are encouraged to register voluntarily, but that she is taking it upon herself to register the dangerous white men who live in D.C., starting with Donald Trump. She says that doing so will help make America more safe.

“To the White Men of America, I humbly ask that you do your part for national security and American freedom," she says. "We can not rest until @allwhitemen are present and accounted for.”

To see the registry, or perhaps fill it out yourself, click here.