Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's Twitter fingers went a little wild on Nov. 1. The Republican politician reportedly took an aim at Hillary Clinton on his social account, calling the presidential nominee the c-word

In the recently deleted tweet, the politician appeared to be commenting on the polls pertaining to the presidential race. "Pennsylvania: New Auto Alliance Poll... Trump 43, C*nt 44. Go Trump go," Miller tweeted. 

The tweet was quickly taken down, but the damage had already been done. In what seemed like an effort to do some damage control, Miller allegedly contacted reporter Julie Fine of NBC5, claiming that a "staffer" had tweeted the  vulgar word without his permission. "Just talked to Sid Miller about tweet from his account, describing Hillary Clinton in derogatory term," Fine tweeted following her phone conversation. "He tells me it was a retweet done by a staffer who didn't read it closely enough, and when they found out, they took it down. Sid Miller just told me the reason the tweet did not say RT is because it was cut and pasted." 

Spokesman Mark Loeffler also weighed in on Miller's questionable tweet, explaining the campaign was trying to retweet a statement from another account that "they were not aware contained a derogatory term." "The tweet was taken down as soon as possible. Commissioner Miller finds the term vulgar and offensive and apologizes to anyone who may have seen it," Loeffler told the Dallas News

Miller offered an apology on Twitter, saying he "finds the term vulgar and offensive and apologizes to anyone who may have seen it." But Miller has an interesting history of posting controversial statements on social media, according to the Dallas News. In the past, Miller was caught sharing a post calling for the United States to bomb "the Muslim world," although he also attributed that incident to a staffer. He might want to go over the ins and outs of tweeting or fire his "staffer" next time.