A 63-year-old Maryland woman survived the state’s first bear attack on a human in at least 80 years, reported the New York Daily News. And if you think that’s unlucky, then allow us to point in you in the direction of the Montana man who suffered two bear attacks in the same morning.

The woman, Karen Osborne, was attacked by a female black bear Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. in the driveway of her daughter’s Frederick home, reported WUSA. Osborne’s husband Ronald said Karen went outside to see about their daughter’s dog’s barking.

Frederick County Sherriff’s Department released Osborne’s 911 call in which she tells a dispatcher: “Hurry. He’s broken my arms and my legs. I can’t move, and I’m bleeding, and I’m going to die.” Osborne’s husband told the New York Daily News Karen had said she punched the bear in the face “a couple times” and played dead. Ronald described Karen as a “tough babe." After the attack, Ronald said his wife was left with a broken left arm and required 70 stitches for bite wounds on her head and torso.  

Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Heritage Service Paul Peditto said the barking dog had scared off one of the bear’s three cubs into a tree. "And then when she saw another dog probably close to, or between, her and the cubs, she went into what we call a defensive attack," Peditto said. According to Peditto, prior to Osborne’s attack it had been at least 81 years since a bear attacked a human anywhere in the state.

The bear was found and killed Thursday by Maryland Department of Natural Resources wildlife specialists, said Natural Resources Police spokeswoman Candy Thomson.