Canadian amusement park, Marineland, has been in operation since 1961. Since its foundation, the venue has been home to a plethora of wildlife and sea creatures, offering activities and shows for its many attendees. Much like its American counterpart, SeaWorld, both establishments have entertained families for generations, but have dealt with questions regarding the treatment of their many animals. Today, it has come to light that the park has been charged with five counts of animal cruelty, after a November 10 investigation by the OSPCA. Notably however, all five of these counts have nothing to do with their aquatic animals, most being associated to their treatment of birds.

After an anonymous tip, investigators found that the park allowed peacocks to "be in distress", and failed to comply with the "standard care" of said bird. Along with their misuse of peacocks, Marineland was slammed with charges in relation to their care of guinea hens and black bears, the latter of which total to thirty-five. While claims are being laid, it is also important to note that there are more charges pending, according to the OSPCA. 

 This isn't the first time the park has been accused of animal abuse. Earlier this year, a Los Angeles-based activist group produced a video alleging mistreatment of beluga whales. There have yet to be any animals removed from Marineland's premises, but an official statement from the OSPCA said that the organization would inform the public regarding more updates. Marineland representatives haven't released a statement regarding the situation.