Pour one out for Vine; the mobile video-sharing app announced on Thursday that it’ll be terminated in the next few months.

The most viewed Vine of all time shows a soccer game interrupted by the audible blast from the Paris terrorist attacks and has more than 715 million loops. Since 2013, millions have used Vine to witness these kinds of phenomena, LOL at clips, and discover groundbreaking creativity resulting in fire content. (Don't fret: Your favorite Vines will still be accessible and available to download.) 

We’ve seen Vines bring new slang into everyday language, create overnight celebrities, and cement unforgettable moments ingrained in pop culture forever. To celebrate all of the app’s contributions to pushing culture forward, we’ve compiled the most influential Vines of all time. Enjoy:

When Peaches Monroe invented fleek:

When "Why You Always Lying" was born:

This iconic line:


Waka the dog:

White privilege in six seconds:

Important question:


Never forget:

Still haven't recovered from this:

Even if the app is dead, "doing it for the Vine" will live on: