Despite the promised conveniences of public transportation, the general task of getting to and fro in a big city unfortunately has its fair share of downsides. In addition to random and troubling acts of violence, subway cars are sadly frequented by those who choose to exhibit some truly disturbing sexual behavior. More often than not, these acts go unpunished. However, as evidenced in this video spotted by Gothamist, that's not always the case.

"What are you doing?" a woman is heard asking a fellow passenger in the video, uploaded to YouTube under the title "Pervert Gets Busted Rubbing His Dick on a NYC Train." After she asks the man repeatedly for an explanation, the shaming begins. "You over here rubbing your dick?" the woman is heard saying. "You wanna rub your dick, bitch? You rub your dick when you get off the motherfuckin' train!"

The woman then loudly demands that the alleged masturbator remove himself from the car as soon as it stops. "I don't give a fuck if this ain't your stop," the woman says in the video. "You get off this train with that freaky shit. Get the fuck off this train!" Near the end of the two-minute clip, the man exits the train.

As noted in Gothamist's original report, if you or someone you know sees any sort of sexual misconduct when riding the subway, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) asks that you please file a report. To do so, simply visit this page and follow the instructions.