Senator and HSP advocate Sam Dastyari has long championed the humble Halal Snack Pack; a mouthwatering culinary combination of chips, cheese, chopped meat and sauces. He has spoken about kebab houses in Parliament, commissioned the world's largest HSP – it was 205kg – and most famously, offered to take staunchly anti-Halal pest politician Pauline Hanson out for a HSP on live TV.

The HSP invite was weeks ago but has become topical again after Hanson and Dastyari appeared on the ABC's Q&A. During the broadcast, audience member Mohammed Attai offered to treat Hanson to a Haram Snack Pack, in a joke that clearly went over Hanson's head. 

Noticing Australia's appetite for controversy and kebab meat, Sportsbet have jumped on board to offer a range of Pauline Hanson Futures, including Pauline eating a HSP with Dastyari, or eating pretty much anything with Attai. 

If you think Hanson will hoover down a HSP, she's paying $10 to do so before the end of the year. If you think she's a better chance of eating with Attai, you can even bet on what the independent senator will eat. Steak is the favourite at $4.

It's a funny response to the polarising – and perplexing – popularity of Pauline, but keep in mind your money would also be appreciated by organisations such as UNHCR and Red Cross, who are assisting Syrian refugees. I.e., the people being marginalised by Pauline's comments.