Because apparently the stuff in Italy isn’t good enough. Wait, what?

So, in September 2014, the Italian government announced that the army would be helping increase the production of medical marijuana. Last year they opened a massive weed growing facility in Florence, with hopes of producing 100kg of the drug every year — only to be used for medical purposes, of course. But apparently the cannabis being produced wasn’t good enough, according to colonel charge of the Florence military base. So they army is trying their very best to produce the highest quality weed possible. 

Colonel Antonio Medica told The Times:

My mission is to produce the best-quality cannabis on an industrial scale at a low price. We think we can get that down to €8 [per gram].

The police even offered the weed ceased from criminals, but Medica rejected them because “it was not up to the standards we want.”

The possession, growing and sale of cannabis is still illegal in Italy, but a new law is to be debated next week that would allow grow and keep a small amount for personal use.

[via The Independent]