A quick glance at the news shows a country drunk on political divisiveness, economic strife, and a war raging between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Taylor Swift. But let us take a moment to unite in appreciation for all of the inebriated people who have gifted us with truly magical moments like this guy who got super emotional about Pokémon Go and the party-goer who enacted the ultimate revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

Joining their ranks is a group of rowdy women who thought they were getting the Magic Mike treatment from a couple of men in uniform while celebrating their friend’s 50th birthday. It all went down on Sunday in a party tent in Germany as they were living their best lives and making a lot of noise in the process.

Cops were called to get them to quiet down but, as soon as the authority figures arrived at the scene, the women simply lost it. "When the two male officers arrived they were cheered by the crowd," the police department said in a statement, according to NBC News. The ladies thought they’d be witnessing some Channing Tatum-like pelvic sorcery but it turns out those officers were the real deal.

Several party-goers took selfies with the officers and the women requested something slightly more intimate—hugs. The officers "were completely unsuccessful” in explaining to the "approximately 10 tipsy women" that they were, in fact, there to uphold the law. When they asked for the birthday girl’s number for their report, it "boosted the amusement of the ladies sky high," the police department added.

They finally believed the two gentlemen in uniform when they spotted the police cars outside. No word on whether or not real strippers showed up to the festivities or if they sought solace in this piece of cinematic artistry: 

Party on.