The Obama administration's last White House Correspondents Dinner was surely a night to remember. Some highlights of the soirée included President Obama's iconic mic drop at the end of his speech, and a very special appearance by Gary Fisher, Carrie Fisher's French bulldog whose tongue naturally hangs out the side of his mouth. Apparently the journalists got a bit too rowdy, though: at one of the after parties a fight broke out between a Huffington Post reporter and a Fox News reporter.

While political staffers and journalists were enjoying themselves and dancing to the music of DJ Biz Markie, a nerdy fight broke out between Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters and the Huffington Post's Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim. According to the Washington Post, the two didn't cause any legitimate harm to each other, although one witness says punches were thrown and others confirm they flipped a table and bumped into a bunch of people. 

The drama unfolded once Grim realized who Watters was, even though the two don't have a personal relationship. Back in 2009 Watters, a producer on the O'Reilly Factor, orchestrated an on-camera ambush of writer Amanda Terkel, who now works at the Huffington Post with Grim. This inspired Grim to pull out his phone and start filming Watters, who didn't think it was so funny, grabbing the phone from Grim's hand and storing it in his pocket. The brawl ensued when Grim attempted to get the phone back.