Hopefully you tuned in to watch the Obama administration's last White House Correspondents Dinner last night, especially because President Obama totally nailed the mic drop at the end of his speech. Killer Mike may have been our MVP at the annual star-studded event last year, but this year that honor goes to an animal that walks on all fours. Carrie Fisher brought her French bulldog Gary Fisher to the dinner this year, tongue out and all. 

Fisher arrived on the red carpet with Tom Hiddleston on her arm, but she apparently wanted to add something a bit more slobbery to her aesthetic for the big night. Holding a green and yellow leash, Fisher brought along her dog Gary for a stroll down the red carpet, Vulture reports

As a certified service dog, Gary is allowed to attend events like the White House Correspondents Dinner alongside Fisher. She adopted Gary as a way to help her deal with her bi-polar disorder, which Fisher has spoken openly about in the press. 

Look who ELSE is at the nerd prom......not every republican is a Dog🐕🐾🐩🌳🌻 pic.twitter.com/oOYlCkS1vg

— Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) May 1, 2016

In a picture of his credentials posted to her Twitter account, she shares some stats about her pet and proudly declares he is a Democrat. Gary is surely the perfect companion to fight off any hives of scum and villainy Fisher may encounter. Just look at that tongue.