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Bernie Sanders isn't the only presidential candidate locking in the youth vote. Watch out for Donald Trump. Trump has scored coveted millennial support from such influencers as Azealia Banks and former teen dream Aaron Carter. Carter pledged his allegiance to the Donald in February causing a backlash from both fans and people that hadn’t kept up with Aaron's party. He then doubled down on his support of the candidate. For this unwavering support he has been rewarded by Trump with a hand-written letter of thanks. 

In a new interview with celebrity tabloid Star the 28-year-old Carter said, "I'm gonna vote for Trump, and nobody's gonna tell me no." He added, "I just like Donald Trump's attitude and he just seems like the kind of guy that could be on the face of a $500 bill."

Carter's determination to support the GOP frontrunner is a change from statements he made shortly after announcing who he was voting for.

He reportedly explained in a Periscope video that he liked Trump's "business sense" but disagreed with him over issues including marriage equality and immigration. Carter reiterated those feels in an aggressive tweet where he told people to essentially hop off: "Also already said if Donald Trump doesn't support the LGBT community I'm not voting for him…"

Today Carter tweeted the above photo of a hand-written signed letter Trump sent him written on a printed out copy of his Star interview. The message reads, "Aaron—Thank you! I will not disappoint. Keep up the great work."

It's only a matter of time before Carter puts out a single titled "Make America Party Again."