Aaron Carter caught a lot of heat last month when he endorsed Donald Trump for president. Now, the former child star is standing by his opinion in a new interview with GQ. "I support Donald Trump. I don’t support every little thing. Trump goes his own way," he says. "He’s a leader, not a follower, and he’s proven that by humbling the other campaigns." However, Aaron does clarify that he doesn't support everything the presidential hopeful says or does. "I don’t agree with banning gay marriage. It’s outlandish, because he has supported the gay community before. And building a wall is totally outrageous." Even more than that, he says he may sit the election out if Trump doesn't shape up on topics like immigration or gay marriage.

Fans also might be less shocked at Aaron's endorsement when they hear that most of his reasons steam from his tumultuous past. "When I turned 18, I got $2 million in trust-fund money, and I got $4 million in taxes my parents didn’t pay when I was 11 and 12 years old." He later filed for bankruptcy, which he says cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. After that experience, Trumps financial plans appeal to him. "I like what he’s doing for taxes for the people. And I like what he’s focused on. Like, let’s worry about our deficit right now. And about our country. And about how we can actually make it great again. He’s proving that sometimes you have to file for bankruptcy and rebuild. I can relate. I’ve been through it." You can read Aaron's full interview here.