A new app is making voting easier for Latinos across the U.S.

Latino voter advocacy group Voto Latino has created the voter registration app called VoterPal, which is now available in the Apple app store.

Voto Latino president and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar and actress America Ferrera discussed VoterPal at the SXSW panel "Swipe right or Left: the Latino Millennial Vote."

They explained that the app allows users to register to vote by simply snapping a photo of their eligible photo ID. The app then autofills the registration application and emails a confirmation once the application is submitted. More than one person can use the app to register on a single phone, meaning any person who has the app can help others register by using their phone.

Kumar referenced the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to amend the Voting Rights Act (VRA), which made it harder for communities of color to vote, according to NBC. The changes to the VRA affected several states with large Latino populations, including Texas.

Ferrera, who serves as Voto Latino's artist coalition chair, told the crowd that the app is "for anyone and everyone who is interested in turning their phone into a voter registration drive."

The app will hopefully come in handy for the thousands of Latinos who have been working to become naturalized so that they can vote against GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in November.