Instances of relationship violence are ugly. Some may be more severe than others, like the Florida man who ripped out his girlfriend's bowels in comparison to the man who drugged his girlfriend in order to play video games, but nonetheless they're all terrible. And yes, it goes both ways. A man in Wisconsin has been charged for waterboarding his girlfriend. 

The Smoking Gun reports 22-year-old Dylan VanCamp waterboarded his girlfriend after only having dating her one month, said police. Although VanCamp was charged last month by his girlfriend, whose name has been redacted from court filings, the incident happened on June 30,2015. 

The woman said the inciting incident happened in her apartment after VanCamp got angry she was, "on a computer social media speaking with a boy she had known for quite some time." According to court records VanCamp then punched her in the face causing her nose to bleed. That same day the woman says VanCamp dragged her out of the shower by her hair before throwing her on the bed where he proceeded to waterboard her.

Documents state VanCamp put a washcloth over her mouth and nose and poured about three cups of water because he was, "trying to get her to admit that she was cheating with the guy she had been on the computer with."

VanCamp has been charged for water boarding in addition to another violent incident on October 29 of last year when he threw a salad fork at her which punctured her shin and two November incidents where he grabbed the woman in a chokehold from behind, as well as punching her and kicking her. 

The couple, who didn't live together, dated from May to December of last year. The woman told authorities she didn't report the incidents sooner because she was scared.

According to The Smoking Gun VanCamp has been charged with, "six felonies and three misdemeanors in connection with alleged abusive acts directed at the victim." He is currently being held at the Lincoln County jail.

Hopefully this woman's bravery can show others they can seek out help too.