The savages over at Twitter have enabled a whole new level of thirst with its latest feature. Twitter of course just can't help but keep making changes to our most preferred social platform. It lost some major points when it changed its long-standing Favorites icon to a heart, mirroring Instagram, and took an even bigger hit with recent announcement that it'd follow the unhip Facebook with an algorithmic timeline. This is similar to the "While you were away" feature Twitter unveiled in the past year which brings up tweets from hours ago you may have missed since the last time you opened Twitter. So how is Twitter furthering thirst you ask? Twitter users can now record and send videos in DMs (direct messages). 

For those of you who don't heed Cardi B's advice about not sending unsolicited dick pics and for those that are planning to up their thirst trap game here's what you need to know. The Verge reports Twitter users can record and send videos over DMs via the mobile Twitter app, but won't be able to record the videos using Users will still be able to share videos in DM on the Twitter website though. 

Twitter has been facilitating thirst in stages. First it allowed users to DM anyone without needing to follow them. Then Twitter lifted its character limit on DMs. 

The other new feature is the addition of a GIF button to tweets. With the GIF button users can browse  GIFs provided that are divided in categories ranging from "Eyeroll" to "YOLO" (Apparently not dead). But really who's going to get rid of their curated arsenal of GIFs and Pepe memes.