Former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been criticized for pandering to Hispanic voters after publishing a cringeworthy meme on her campaign website.

On Monday, Clinton's campaign blog posted, "7 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Just Like Your Abuela.

The list includes items such as "she cares for children everywhere," "she reads to you before bedtime," and "everyone loves abuela—even this guy," alongside a picture of Clinton with singer Marc Anthony.  

THIS LIST THO. It's like the algorithm is: Spanglish + talk about "respeto" + Hillary gif + Marc Anthony = Latino Vote

— Gabe Gonzalez (@gaybonez) December 22, 2015

This list doesn't contain much substance; it doesn't hint at Clinton's plans for issues that concern Latino communities, like immigration reform or minimum wage. There aren't even quotes from Latino voters, leading many critics to call the post disingenuous and uncomfortable:

ways Hillary Clinton is like my abuela: She is apparently very much out of touch with culture.

— Mathew Rodriguez (@mathewrodriguez) December 22, 2015

My Abuela came to this country with a 6th grade education and worked in favorites for 50 something cents to a Man's dollar @HillaryClinton

— Eliel Cruz (@elielcruz) December 22, 2015

HRC is like my abuela? lol no #notmyabuela

— jasdye (@jasdye) December 22, 2015

Critics overwhelmingly just want Clinton to address key issues, and focus on policy instead of pandering.

Whose abuela hasn't made remarks to this effect as recently as last month?

— Round John Virgin (@JAMyerson) December 22, 2015

UPDATED 12:45 p.m. E.T.: Twitter users responded to Clinton’s meme with #NotMyAbuela, which picked up steam on Tuesday night.