12. Warner Bros.

Year Company Founded: 1918

Year Logo Introduced: 1923

Logo Designer: Saul Bass (1972)

Company Founders: Albert Warner, Harry Warner, Sam Warner, Jack Warner

The now iconic Warner Bros. shield logo has been there from the very beginning, in some form or another. The Warner Bros. Shield logo was first introduced in 1923 and featured a photo of the studio above "WB" which curved to the shape of the shield. The picture of the studio remained until 1929, when the logo became just the "WB" curved to fit the shape of the shield with the words "Warner Bros. Pictures Inc." curved above and "Presents" curved below. Briefly, from 1936 to 1937, Warner Bros. introduced the "Zooming Shield" which eliminated all words from the logo and simply kept the shield. In 1937, the logo was updated into a 3D rendition of the WB-Shield, and was kept until 1948, following the introduction of color to the screen.

The 1937 logo also introduced a banner across the WB-Shield, reading "Warner Bros. Pictures Inc." with the word "Presents" below the shield. The banner remained a key design element of the company's logo and is in use to this day. From 1948 to 1967, Warner Bros. used a golden yellow 3D "WB" over a blue shield with a golden rim. The shield was widened, and the colors were brightened to best showcase the new color films. 1967 saw a dramatic change to the company's logo, following the acquistion of a controlling interest by Seven Arts productions. That logo was used from 1967 to 1970, and the WB-Shield became contrastingly angular and simple, with the words "Seven Arts" added below.

In 1970, Kinney National Company acquried Warner Bros - Seven Arts, and again re-invisioned the logo, this time with "A Kinney National Company" boldly written over the WB-Shield. Briefly in the 1972, Warner Bros. used a logo very similiar to the 1948 Shield logo. Nonetheless, a radically different logo by graphic designer, Saul Bass, was unveiled in the same year, and went on to be used by the company until 1984. Bass' stylized "W" resembled three rounded lines and was drastically simpler than previous Warner Bros. logos. 1984 saw the return of the 1948 gold and blue WB-Shield, though with bolder colors and a more slick, polished finish than before. Between 1984 and 2013, the Warner Bros. logo was polished some more, though the company did not stray far from the 1984 design. During recent years, the logo underwent the trend of tweaking production company logos with each movie, so there have been many variations on color and animation, but the original shape of the gold and blue 1948 WB-Shield remains.

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