8. Levi's

Year Company Founded: 1850

Year Logo Introduced: 1890's

Logo Designer: Landor Associates (1967, 1969)

Company Founder: Levi Strauss

The Levi's logo today exists in two forms: the simple white logotype on a red background and the Two Horses logo, which dates back to the foundation of the company in 1886. The Two Horses logo is, to this day, used on the patches of Levi's jeans, in its original form, which was supposed to demonstrate the strength of Levi's jeans. However, the now equally iconic red label of Levi's came to be only in 1936, when the brand tried to distinguish their jeans. In 1967, Levi's introduced the Batwing logo, which was designed by Walter Landor & Associates, and has, over the years, become symbolic of the brand itself. 2011, Levi's removed the white brand name from the red logo of their Curve ID line.

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