10 Summer Gear Essentials

From Vans Old Skools to Y-3 classic running shorts to the perfect white T-shirt and jeans, here are 10 pieces of gear you need for the warm months.

Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandal

Image via Nordstrom

Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandal

As the rising temperatures, the ubiquitous sounds of a Drake house album, and the impulse to break out pristine white Air Force 1s prove, summer is finally upon us. Now is the perfect time to check your closet to see what’s missing so you can put together the right fit while still staying comfortable in this heat—maybe, alongside the white-on-whites, a new pair of shorts or shirt is the move. Whatever the gaps in your summer wardrobe may be, these 10 essentials should help you get through the months to come. Here’s what you need in your closet now.

Noah Classic Pocket Tee

Noah Classic Pocket T-Shirt

Every closet needs a high-quality cotton tee—if we’re being honest, way more than one. It’s essential, a go-to. Throw this design, complete with a pocket, into your rotation and you’ll never look back. 

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool summer gear essentials

Even when skate shoes were at their most bloated, with air bubbles, straps, and lace loops, Old Skools looked cool, as classic photos of Kareem Campbell, Guy Mariano, and countless others prove. But you don’t have to have set foot on a skateboard—or even know those names—to keep a pair or two in your rotation. You just have to want an understated sneaker that can go anywhere.

Carhartt WIP Chase Swim Trunk

Carhartt WIP Chase Swim Shorts

Can’t have summer without swim trunks. Carhartt’s lightweight shorts are designed using a fast-drying polyester, with two side pockets, an adjustable waistband, and an inner trunk for that extra support.

Kirkland Signature Crew Neck T-Shirts

Kirkland Signature Crew Neck T-Shirts

The best-white-tee debate may never end, but there’s a solid case to be made for Kirkland’s time-tested design, which isn’t too short, isn’t too long, isn’t too wide, and comes in packs of six. You should keep two stacks of these in your closet at all times—but especially when it’s hot outside.

Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper Jeans

Levi's 541 Jeans

Levi’s 541s, jeans with a cut similar to what skate brands produced around 1995, are the move for summer. Pair them with a white tee and some Dunks and you’re set.

John Elliott Himalayan Hat

John Elliott Himalayan Hat

Made with nylon for flexibility and cotton for a breathable and relaxed feel, this hat will have you covered this summer—literally. What’s better than a six-panel that’ll give you shade all season long?

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Easy Shorts

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Easy Shorts

When the weather gets sticky, the right fabric becomes critical. Uniqlo’s dry technology translates to shorts that are breathable, stretchy, and easy to move around in—a basic that will be looking out for you in the sweltering heat.

Birkenstock Essentials Arizona Waterproof Slide Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Eva Sandals

This iconic sandal can take you from the streets to the poolside. You still get the traction and support Birkenstock is known for, just with some added waterproofing.

Y-3 Classic Light Shell Nylon Running Shorts

Y-3 Classic Nylon Running Shorts

You can’t go wrong with a pop of color on a roomy and lightweight short. This nylon running design has mesh gussets for a little ventilation in the front and angled secure-zip pockets to make sure your things don’t fall out.

A Hope Hemp Socks

A pair of A Hope Hemp Socks

You’re going to wear socks this summer, blazing temps be damned, and these are the ones you want. They’re designed using a high-quality hemp material that, thanks to the physical makeup of hemp fabric, is actually way more breathable than their cotton counterparts.