A Japanese collarless western? Wow, what a game-changer for anyone who doesn't own scissors. Regardless, Needles are from another universe. I don’t even know where to start with this thing. The loosely stitched, fray-ish hems? The triple snap button sleeves? I was thinking about listing each feature individually and explaining why each is Cool™ and Trendy™ but, this isn't first grade and you need to start thinking for yourselves. I'M NOT YOUR MOM. Plus, there are way too many fucking features to viably list and I'm really short on time today to begin with. All I know is, one day, Jon Moy could have a daughter. She might grow up to be your dream girl and you could fall in love with her or something. In that scenario, You'll need to buy Jon a gift in order for him to accept you into the wolfpack (read: compensation for banging his firstborn). You should procure this shirt now and put it on ice, just in case you stop being scared of the opposite sex and that really elaborate, unlikely scenario somehow actually plays out. Do it. He'll accept you, I promise.

Oh, yeah, right, the link. Here you go. It's in Japanese and there is no purchase page. Sorry. Not sorry. I hate you.

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