In a recent interview with Jon Caramanica of The New York Times, Andre 3000 spoke about his leading role in the upcoming Jimi Hendrix biopic and about his career as one-half of Outkast, one of the greatest hip-hop duos of all time. During the interview, Caramanica asked the musician-turned-actor what his creative life has been like since the group's last project over 10 years ago.

Dre revealed that he has been writing, but the "melodies come more for [him] than raps." He also said that he has been "drawing and painting a lot more." Something that fans of the music may not realize is that Dre has always been into art. "I’ve always drawn costumes, things I was going to wear onstage," he told The Times. Caramanica was lucky enough to see some of Dre's sketches in his iPhone, but unfortunately those images (like most details about Andre 3000's life) are not floating around the Internet.

"I see me moving into a visual space," Dre added, but he doesn't have plans for a gallery show just yet. His art exists in the same space as the next Outkast album. When asked when we can expect the latter, he said that it can't be rushed: "When you feel it, it’s right. If you don’t feel it, then why? Honestly, think about it. Why do it? Why?"

[via New York Times]