James Franco on James Franco
The only thing greater than me,
Is the word greatness itself. Out of
True greatness come words like "neat"
And tea[ch]er. Both of those words,
I also am.

A Poem
A poem should have no
Beginning, nor end. It shant
Require admirers, nor follow
popular trends. I know a few people,
Like Seth and Lindsey. Seth is one of
My friends. I painted him naked.
Lindsey is a confused girl. I wrote a
Poem about her.

Social Commentaries
Some people call Pineapple
A comedy. This seems a bit
Naïve, don't you think? Because
If you really think about it,
It was a social commentary,
commenting mostly on
our society…Like The Catcher
in the Rye.

One Time On Broadway
One time on Broadway,
Did I mention I was on Broadway?
It was a Broadway play about a guy named
Lenny, and a stupider guy named George.
One reviewer of the play was an idiot.
And another thing! If the show was
So bad, then why did I get so much attention?

James Franco is
an American actor,
author and

April of 2012
In April 2012,
The popular
Jewish magazine, Shalom Life,
Named my brother and I
#2 on the list of most handsome/
Talented Jewish guys. To that, I
Say, "Shalom, Life."

Some of the things that I have done
Harvard or Brown,
Or Yale or Princeton,
Colgate, Cornell,
NYU, Brooklyn.
UCLA, no Dartmouth,
No Stanford. RISD,
Colombia, Warren Wilson;
Those are some of the schools
That I have attended or visited.

Don’t forget that
Have also done a fair bit of
Painting. Painting is art.
I am

Most Important Thing
Nothing is more important
In this world,
Than self-
ies. I take selfies. And paint
them. I am self-
less. I am filled with my
self. My work is profound.
I am American, like Bob Dole,
Bob Dylan, etc.

Sad but true
Unfortunately for everyone,
I am here. And guess what,
I am not going anywhere.
In fact, I just got certified to be an
Architect. I am going to build the tallest
Building in Minneapolis! Oh and guess
What else? I am also a marine biologist and
I decided to switch the names of sharks and
Dolphins so now everyone has to.Lol…

Andrew Meisel is a writer living in NYC who loves soccer, hates James Franco and obviously wrote all of these poems himself.