Brazil was absolutely thumped 7-1 by Germany in the World Cup semifinals yesterday. People in the tournament's host country were so upset that they were seen burning their nation's flag and lighting their beloved soccer team's jerseys on fire. You would think that any store that stocks the Brazil's national team jersey would slash prices to offload these now worthless 2014 World Cup kits as fast as possible and get this black stain on the nation's sporting history in the rear mirror ASAP.

However, the jerseys are still selling online at full price, even though other teams' kit prices were unceremoniously carved up almost immediately after they were knocked out. Once the defending champs Spain were mathematically eliminated, it was only a few hours before you could get your hands on a kit for a discount. And yet, Brazil's famous bright yellow jerseys with green trimming remain at full retail price. Maybe Brazil would go into full-on riot mode once the loser's mark of a sale is enacted?

Meanwhile, Argentina and the Netherlands play today. If Argentina wins, then we would have an adidas vs. adidas final against Germany. But if the bright orange of the Netherlands pulls through, then we'll be treated to an adidas (Germany) vs. Nike (Netherlands) championship in an ongoing competition between the two labels.