If you haven’t noticed by now, adidas rules the world of soccer.

As one of the first companies to pay athletes and teams to don its merchandise, the mega sportswear company has dominated the cleats, jerseys and marquees of the fields for nearly 40 years. But will the German-based business continue to stay on top?

Not if Nike can help it.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the two athletic-gear giants are virtually neck-and-neck and, together, cover about 95 percent of the global market for soccer. But it’s clear that Nike is gaining momentum, with a steady growth in sponsored athletes, teams and advertisements pushing them closer and closer to becoming the world’s leading soccer brand.

Check out Bloomberg’s Shootout: Can Nike Beat Adidas at Soccer?, which takes an in-depth look at the companies’ competitive strategies in their pursuit of soccer dominance. Who do you think will come out top?

[via Bloomberg]