Phenomenon is one of those brands that I always tell people I'm a fan of when they ask me what labels I'm into. I always say shit like Phenomenon and Facetasm and Digawel and shit just to sound erudite. It backfires every time though because I'm draped head-to-toe in everything but the labels I list in casual conversation. FASHION CAN BE HARDER THAN LITERATURE BECAUSE I'VE SUCCESSFULLY LIED ABOUT HAVING READ HERMANN HESSE. TALK ABOUT IRONIC SINCE SIDDARTHA IS ALL ABOUT THE SEARCH FOR AUTHENTICITY. But I can't lie about loving Siki Im because in fashion if you "love" something you gotta buy it and wear it until someone takes a photo of you in said garment. Then, you try and sell that shit on the Internet for 65% of its original value with the sales copy "barely worn" despite everyone on the Internet already having see you wear it all over New York City, smoking cigs and leaning against unhygienic ass brick walls. Anyhow, these Phenomenon bomber are done up in varying degrees of mesh, which means they will fit into your current aesthetic. If they don't fit into your current aesthetic you're probably a v unadventurous cat.