Way back when, I was visiting a trade show and none of the brands would let me take photos with my film camera. I pretended like I was really into the "warmth" of film, but really I was just a broke boi who didn't have a digital camera. But it didn't even matter because no one knew what the fuck a .blogspot was and kept shunning ya boy in favor of individuals who had money to place wholesale orders. But not Folk. Those prescient motherfuckers recognized the talent inherent within your humble narrator and let me snap away. I took like a whole roll of film and got, like, maybe 3 usable photos. Later, their sales reps bought me a really expensive glass of whiskey. That night, at 3am, I purchased a box of cannolis and I was like, "WOW, FASHION IS FUCKING AWESOME." Based on that personal anecdote, purchase this Folk jacket.