Have you seen the black and white striped jacket A$AP Ferg wore recently? The rapper posted a photo of him wearing the jacket, plus rare Chanel goggles, at what looks like a video shoot on his Instagram.

It turns out, the jacket was designed by 99%IS- and is from the spring/summer 2014 collection presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo. 

After attending fashion school, 99%IS- designer Bajowoo kicked off his career by starting his own brand (considered Korea's first "punk brand") and then designing garments and artwork for various rock bands. In the years that followed, he attended fashion school, and launched 99%IS- during his second year, debuting his first collection for fall/winter 2012. Staying true to his roots, Bajowoo's collections are reflective of his fascination with punk rock culture, and often incorporate leather and studs. (The stripes on Ferg's jacket are black and white strips of leather sewn together.) 

"We are overjoyed about the fact that A$AP Ferg purchased a 99%IS- item," Bajowoo told us in an email. 

The jacket is currently being sold at Comme des Garçons' Chelsea store in New York City, if you're interested.