Question: What did Bill Cosby and Biggie Smalls share in common? Answer: they both probably ate a ton of Jello pudding, and they both helped revolutionize the pullover sweater as a ultra-coveted item in the fashion world.

But what of the man behind the famed Cosby sweater? Meet Koos Van Den Akker, who's built a successful career around fashion on the totally opposite end of the spectrum: high fashion haute couture. After a stint at Dior and a successful QVC line, Van Den Akker has settled in his Madison Avenue boutique, designing bespoke clothes for women and men alike. Oh, and he still dresses Mrs. Cosby. "I consider them friends. I hardly see them ever. It certainly helped my career," he said at a talk hosted by the Museum of Art and Design.

Unlike many typecast artists who spend their life clamoring for a departure from a single item that made them famous (a la Mugatu and the Piano Key Necktie), Van Den Akker respectfully owns his accomplishment, and has even expressed willingness to do mass collaborations with brands like H&M. "I would love to do a collage group of Cosby sweaters for H&M," he said. "Wouldn’t that be fun? But I don't know fancy people to make that happen.” Now excuse us while we go start lining up for that right now.

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