This is a post about The Gap, but before you click away with an emphatic "fuck that noise" Internet swan dive, just know what you are about to see may shock you. Well, not shock, but hey, the shit ain't half bad. Plus, what the fuck do you expect, wall-to-wall budget E.G.? Gap still has to appeal to college dudes and dads who literally don't give a fuck as long as their wife will stop bothering them about their jeans that are older than their first child. That in mind, there's some pretty great stuff in here, including a navy blue trucker jacket with contrast white buttons that looks like something Acne or A.P.C. would make, and one patterned jacket that actually is somewhat reminiscent of Daiki's magic touch. Of course, there's no double-zips on it, but don't get greedy. Gap S/S 14 hits stores May 1.