Before anything at all is said here, I just want to give a major shout out to the beautiful, kind people at Cadillac. Like, when you guys want to wine and dine someone, you really go all out, and I thank you for your generosity. You also make fucking nice as fuck cars. Sure, my judgement may be clouded by all the wine, food and luxe living quarters you gave me for free last week, but also maybe nah? I mean, who's to say, really? From my honest perspective, the 2015 Escalade is a dope ass ride.

While I don't know much about cars, truth is, I also don't know that much about being an #influencer. At least not in the Marcus Troy sense of the word. See, as I came to learn, some people do these press trips all the time, but this was my first such excursion of relevance. And it was awesome. Like, seriously, if you're not an auto journalist, switch careers. And just to reiterate this point, Cadillac is good peoples. I repeat: CADILLAC GOOD. GO BUY ESCALADE. IT NICE CAR. Above, I've chronicled my day—a day in the life of an #influencer—to give you a peek into the type of high-end, wonderful shit that actually goes on during press trips.