Union LA is set to drop these "89" hoodies and tees in celebration of their 25th anniversary, which is crazy because that means downtown-y, cool streetwear shit has been on and popping for a quarter-century. Speaking of, check out this New York Times article published in 1993 about Union NYC back when James Jebbia owned it alongside Mary Ann Fusco. That's right, this article was published BEFORE SUPREME EVEN EXISTED. Also, I had no idea Urban Outfitters even existed back then, but apparently they picked up $46 T-shirts a season after they debuted at Union. Anyway, should we hold Union LA to a higher standard than a numbered hoodie? I mean, it is their anniversary, plus, they're not some random new struggle brand doing the shit because it's trendy. Also, it's pretty evident that Chris Gibbs designed these given his connection to Overall Master Cloth and the similar color schemes used in each. Damn, isn't that guy just the coolest?