The real cornerstones of streetwear are the brick and mortar stores. These "Fortresses of Susitude" are the hollowed grounds where the proverbial "streetz" meet the literal "wear." Streetwear stores are the finish line at the end of your two day long sneaker urban camp out session—shops not only run by the sages of the street, but experts and scholars of customer service. So, when you've saved up all your shiny monies to go drop $60 on a T-shirt, you better be greeted by the best customer service in the Milky Fucking Way, right? Nah, dawgs.

Instead, you're going to treated like you have leprosy and you just walked into a Comcast Customer Complaint Center. Now you feeling real tight. Like, tighter than Kim K's cheek skin. But you ain't no punk. You're gonna say something. I mean, not at the store. And, no, definitely not to an actual employee. You're going to turn to the realest street shit you can: Yelp.

Yelp has, and will always be, the forum for failed anythings to complain about shit that has never mattered. Thus, it was only natural that I figured it would be a gold mine of #feelz for when streetwear consumer warriors found that they were not given a soldier's parade for their patronage. Here are 10 such amazing cases.

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