Alright everyone, let's take a break from reading True Detective think pieces for a hot second (even though IS IT NEXT SUNDAY YET?!) to talk about this Hood By Air salad bowl that, yes, will be available for purchase very soon. But before you start laughing, just know that it's part of a larger art exhibition called "DISown - Not For Everyone." And when the word "art" is in the mix you need to at least pretend to think critically about shit for 10 seconds. The show begins March 6 and will run through April 6 at Red Bull Studios here in New York, where a sort of stylized retail experience will take place. The idea behind the show is to have world-renowned artists create dumbed down, shitty versions of their typically high-brow offerings, a statement on the status quo within the luxury brand market. See, brands like Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors cake up by selling things like heavily branded belts and licensed accessories, not by peddling $10,000 jackets, despite vigorous attempts to remain elitist and deny their true customer base. That means things like basic ass Hood By Air salad bowls hit the market rather than, say, Hood By Air zippered flying squirrel suits. Products in the installation will range from $50 to $500.