With the polar vortex threatening to sweep through the United States again, it hasn't been an easy winter for many people this year. Apparently, temperatures in other countries like Japan have hit an all-time low as well. Making the best of the miserable weather, Mr. Sebuyama photographed himself dressed as a turkey and shared them with the Internet for some laughs.

Mr. Sebuyama, who blogs for Japanese humor site Omocoro, donned a large, pink sweater for these hilarious photos. Poking his legs through the sleeves and bending over so his head juts out of the neckline, Mr. Sebuyama transforms himself into a turkey, much like one you'd see around Thanksgiving time. What makes these images even funnier is that the guy actually left the house in his strange turkey outfit, too. Though his outfit is ridiculous, we have to applaud Mr. Sebuyama, who went to such lengths just to make people laugh.

[via BoredPanda]

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